About Us

Established in 2005, it is aimed to design, develop and implement Software Products and support-allied IT services that automate critical business operations, allowing our clients to focus on their primary tasks business of conducting being more efficient and productive while continuing to provide world-class quality service to their own customers.
The Company has its presence in co-operative banking and financial sectors, embedded systems and healthcare IT.

We at Intellect, strive continuously to exploit the benefits of the Information technology to all the sections of the society and to especially improve the living standards of the rural communities across the world. Our special focus on the cooperative domain PACS, MACS and Employee cooperatives, borne out of extensive, exclusive and passionate research in the domain with a strong team of technologists and domain Specialists.


Our Mission

MISSION: To exploit the benefits of information technology to improve the quality and economic standards of the society by making technology accessible, available and affordable to everyone with sophisticated information systems.

VISION: To be the leader in providing quality, innovative and cost effective IT Solutions globally.

VALUES: The company’s core values are.

  • Integrity
  • Empathy
  • Innovation
  • Social responsibility
  • Loyalty
  • Ethics
  • Accountability
  • Open-Minded
  • Pragmatic

OBJECTIVES: Achieve and sustain Customer satisfaction, Improve core and support processes of the company, Manage people and technology efficiently

CORE SERVICE OFFERINGS: Providing enterprise solutions for co-operatives, Providing financial accounting systems for Non-banking finance corporations.


What we offer


Intellect Informatics offers an array of unmatched ERP implementation and maintenance services for the social enterprises, co-operatives and Financial Services companies. We are better known for optimising the performances of rural co-operatives through the enterprise suite UNITE.


We offer a host of services that includes Data enumeration, digitization, Hardware procurement, Product deployment, Resource training, handholding, Post live supports including bug fixing, product enhancements, maintenance of Data centres and Disaster recovery management.


Our team of implementation experts work in tandem with clients to understand the business needs the scope of implementation to a budget and timeframe and ensures best ROI for their investment in technology.


We keep great emphasis on training. We achieve the smoother change management by making each client staff to be the master in usage of the ERP suite with ease and convenience.


We don’t settle for a “one size fits for all” approach. We offer our clients the best practice methodologies coupled with technology that suits our client’s requirements and customization mapped to their needs.


We offer the world class implementation, customization and configuration services- tailor made for business needs of each client ensuring them to realize the full power and benefits of UNITE ERP.


What we have created



We consider ourselves to be a member of our clients' teams, working as a partner and going beyond the minimum requirements to find the best available alternatives and solutions.

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Intellect Informatics Pvt., Ltd.

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