UNITE ERP is a comprehensive solution designed for cooperatives and financial institutions. Currently, the solution is deployed in 1500+ users in different states of the country with 400,000 Primary Agriculture Cooperative Society (PACS) member data in Telangana alone.

UNITE is a browser-based multi-teller solution that works both online and offline and provides real-time generation of financial statements to identify and alert the users.

The solution prompts cross-sell of the products/services to users through a comprehensive 360-degree view of the member data.


  • Browser-based multi-user solution deployed in the cloud and work both online and offline
  • Error-free electronic conversion of data through intelligent tools
  • Architecture that enables PACS as an MSO
  • 360 Degree view of member data
  • Smart analytics at different service layers through data consolidation


INSIGHT is a comprehensive product suite developed exclusively for the business and management strategic needs of small and medium corporate entities.

INSIGHT is an interoperable product suite that works well in a multi-vendor environment both as an online and offline solution. The solution is offered as a comprehensive product suite or as individual modules depending on the customer preferences.

The solution enables the enterprise with all key modules like Human Capital Management (HCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Project Management Office (PMO), Vendor management, BOM and Invoicing.


  • Cost-effective solution for SMEs with total business coverage
  • Can deploy both on-premise and Hybrid cloud environments
  • Timely predictive alerts to stakeholders about the deviations
  • Smart performance management through multifarious metrics


  • PACS have the best advantage of being identified with the local community. They carry the local aura. They are more than a century old.
  • Rural Cooperative Credit Institutions (RCCIs) are a three-tier structure in most of the states in the country.
  • The PACS with their farmer members form the first tier at village level.
  • PACS in a district federate into a District Cooperative Central Bank (DCCB). DCCBs in a state federate into a State Cooperative Bank (StCB)
  • A few states have two tier structure with PACS at the village level and StCB at the State level and a few other
    states have mixed structure. The DCCBs and StCBs are Banks governed by the Banking laws of the country.
  • Cooperation being a state subject, these institutions work within the framework of State Cooperative Acts.