Business Consulting

At Intellect, we study the end-to-end business operations of the client and help our clients to identify new business opportunities by reinventing the way they work.

Our team of experts designs business strategy by identifying the business segments to diversify based on the resources and capabilities, external and internal business environments of the customer.

Our team of architects, designers, and developers with a mix of domain and technical expertise helps you to design, develop and deploy the solution to match the needs of your financial institution.


  • Consultants with two decades of domain and technical expertise
  • Reinventing the business operations with custom-made solutions
  • Creation of a multi-vendor ecosystem
  • Consulting across the product lifecycle to have a measurable and purposeful impact

Software Development and Support Services

Our software support services for the product line provide customized IT maintenance options during the warranty and post-warranty periods.

Our software maintenance services provide comprehensive coverage for product upgrades, bugs resolution, client-specific enhancements, training & handholding support based on end-user competencies.

Customers can drive through the support life cycle through our intelligent Support tracking system with estimated SLAs and instance-based update.


  • Dedicated client wise, region wise call center support
  • Access to knowledge material, Product demo videos
  • Smart patch and version upgrade mechanism
  • One-year free basic software maintenance
  • Support in Multivendor environments
  • Product updates in synchrony with statutory norms

Implementation Services

At Intellect, we provide end-to-end implementation services for the deployment and maintenance of our product suite.

Our implementation teams study client-wise requirements, infra requirements, business verticals, and processes to identify the product gaps.


  • Implementation team with 1500+ successful implementations
  • Product suite with intelligent data analyzer tools
  • Regional support all over India
  • Change management through effective stakeholder induction and involvement
  • Customized training schedules based on end-user competencies

Software Development and Support Services

Our network team helps the clients to run hassle-free operations by addressing the connectivity challenges and designing the network strategy to work online and offline modes. Our network strategy for Financial Institutes allows them to switch to manual or offline modes during network outages and synchronize the data after restoration.

Our team assists the clients to design, develop and maintenance of network infrastructure and also equip the customer about contemporary technologies to maintain the state-of-the-art work environment.

We provide Data Analytics support to our clients from the vast pool of data collected from all departments both on-premise and cloud platforms. We design and deploy customer-specific dashboards and for the sake of insights to various stakeholders.


  • Network design to support online and offline modes
  • Business Continuity Plan with Disaster recovery
    Consolidation of data from multiple internal and external data points
  • Data Analytics design and support
    Descriptive analytics to provide effective visualization to comprehensive live data